NJHIMA Advertising Policy  – Updated July 11, 2016              

Are you interested in posting a job on the NJHIMA Job Board? The Job Board is to benefit NJHIMA members who are seeking to further their careers.  NJHIMA accepts advertising from hospitals/healthcare systems, providers and suppliers of products and services.

Job posts will remain on the NJHIMA website for ninety (90) days.

Standard Pricing:
$200 advertising rate per 90 day job post

The following exceptions apply:

Signature Partners:
$50 advertising rate per 90 day job post; Signature Partners must renew their sponsorship annually to be entitled to this rate per calendar year

Educational programs:
$100 advertising rate per 90 day job post

NJHIMA will review all requests to confirm the correct rate and that payment was received prior to uploading a posting to the website.

In 2016, NJHIMA began offering a pro-rated corporate sponsorship ($200 for remainder of year) to allow companies who regularly post to become corporate sponsors.

Post a Job

Please allow up to 5 business days for a job posting to be displayed.
Payment must be received before the posting is uploaded.